Inherent Skin is an ancestral inspired brand that celebrates and embraces identity, complexion, and beauty.

Inherent Skin began to take root in 2017 and officially began to come to fruition in 2020. The CEO, Dr. Courtney B, began to learn more about her ancestry and roots tied to the Mississippi Delta - Arkansas specifically.

"I grew up around strong, loving grandmothers for whom Inherent Skin was inspired. My grandmothers, Delta and Vera, both hailed from Forrest City, Arkansas. They raised big families, worked full-time jobs, had businesses and served their community which set a path and foundation for me to follow. They inspired me to excel and break barriers. Because of who they were and what they instilled in me I got my doctorate degree before turning 30 and I used that to move swiftly up the corporate ladder. They taught me the importance of community through the relationships they had. After all of that, I always admired the natural and inherent beauty my grandmothers exhibited even while they were working hard to uplift my family and people throughout their community. After losing my grandmothers in 2017 and 2019, I decided to incorporate everything I learned from them into a business that would help keep their memory and legacy alive."

Work hard but with purpose. Be intentional.  

Dr. Courtney B is starting a scholarship fund in memory of her grandparents through Inherent Skin's profits. The scholarship is being created to support students from her grandparents' hometown and in the Chicagoland area. Every purchase made will directly support the Delta and Roosevelt (Rose) Barden Scholarship Fund and the V+LC Stewart Scholarship Fund. 

One of the goals of Inherent Skin is to meaningfully address the national crisis of systemic racism and disparities by funneling support into Black communities and other Black owned businesses. Many of the ingredients used are organic and are sourced from African suppliers and Black-owned companies that provide philanthropic services to Black communities. 

Inherent Skin is more than a beauty brand. It is an element of freedom and liberation through self-care. It strives to free and liberate those who exist in a world that tells you that you aren't enough by reminding you of who you are and where you come from. Inherent Skin is here to remind you of your source.

Inherent Skin is about bringing out the true beauty within you.

Bring out the beauty in you with purpose.